Dressing up your Round-Shaped Body

If you have a round-shaped figure (also known as apple-shaped body) this post is written for you.

Here are the tips for looking good with your curvy body. Find out what to wear and how to accessorize.

Did you know that the famous singer Jennifer Hudson also has a round shape?

Just in case you are not sure, go back to my my last post about body shapes to find out your type.

So let’s remember your features:

  • this is not to be confused with diamond/ oval shape where only the belly is big.
  • you will be more heavy on the upper part of your body (waist, bust and large shoulders)
  • your belly/ waist will be still larger than the rest of your body’s circumferences
  • your hips will be smaller than the upper part of your body.

REMEMBER: You should wear things that draw the attention to your fabulous legs and breasts. Don’t emphasize your waist, belly or large shoulders!

Shirts/ blouses:

  • tops with long shirttails and rounded hems
  • you can wear V-necks and wrap-around tops with open and low necklines
  • They should be tight just under your breast and more loose down to hide the belly
  • empire line tops go great with your figure
  • use them longer to elongate your shape, tunic styles
  • wear them outside of your pants!! if you tuck them in your belly will only look bigger.
  • avoid big patterns and too busy styles. go for clean cuts and darker colors on top.

Pants/ shorts:

  • low-rise, flat front jeans
  • boot-cut and flared leg trousers/ jeans. The pockets can be on your bump as you probably have a small one
  • with nice legs you can wear shorts and skirts that are shorter than normal (just take care not to go with the slutty length 🙂
  • here you can wear lighter colors to make your lower body be more in balance with the heavier upper body
  • please don’t wear high-wasted pants. they should end under your belly

Jackets/ coats:

  • straight coats that end above your knee. Also choose darker colors for the coat
  • belted waist jackets are ok but make sure the belt is large not thin.
  • the length should be below your waist or below your bump. Never cutting your widest part of your hips!
  • please don’t wear puffa jackets! they will make you look huge. Also avoid double-breasted coats that only make your upper body bigger.

Dresses/ skirts:

  • wrap dresses with v-necks
  • dresses that are tight just under your bust and fall straight down to your toes (empire waist)
  • go for dresses in single colors instead of many patterns and designs
  • A-line skirts are great for you
  • zippers and clasps should be on the side or back, not in the front
  • you can only slip into a maxi-dress if you are not too short!
  • please don’t wear pleated or tiered skirts!


  • you can wear belts, but with caution. If they are to thin you will look bigger!
  • wear bold necklaces and earrings that shift the attention upward.
  • printed socks and pantihoses


  • wear shoes that balance your shape. they can be colorful, edgy, stylish, printed, etc. Make them show your nice legs.

(by Katia Steilemann,  www.elyts.biz)

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